Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Infrastructure: Featured Infrastructure Projects and Initiatives

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dc.contributor.author United Nations (UN) en
dc.contributor.author World Bank (WB) en
dc.contributor.author New Development Bank en
dc.contributor.author Islamic Development Bank (IDB) en
dc.contributor.author Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank en
dc.contributor.author Asian Development Bank (ADB) en
dc.contributor.author African Development Bank (AfDB) en
dc.contributor.author Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) en
dc.contributor.author European Investment Bank (EIB) en
dc.contributor.author European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) en
dc.contributor.author International Finance Corporation (IFC) en
dc.description.abstract Closing the world's infrastructure gap would take $1 to $1.5 trillion annually. The Global Infrastructure Forum aims to discuss opportunities to harness public and private resources to close this gap. The 2017 forum was jointly organized by the multilateral development banks (MDBs): African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, New Development Bank, and the World Bank Group, in close partnership with the United Nations (UN). The following pages are a collection of featured infrastructure projects and initiatives that show how MDBs and the United Nations join forces with the public and private sectors to provide sustainable, accessible, resilient, and quality infrastructure worldwide. en
dc.format.extent 94 en
dc.subject Sustainable Insfrastructure en
dc.subject Infrastructure Investment en
dc.subject Climate change adaptation en
dc.subject Hydro power en
dc.subject Energy efficiency en
dc.subject Water Supply and Sanitation en
dc.subject Airport Infrastructure en
dc.subject Public Private Partnerships en
dc.subject Solar energy en
dc.subject Multilateral development banks en
dc.subject Bus Rapid Transit en
dc.subject Power plants en
dc.subject Private Investment en
dc.title Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Infrastructure: Featured Infrastructure Projects and Initiatives en
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dc.date.issued 2017-04-21
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dc.subject Energy Distribution and Transmission
dc.subject Infrastructure
dc.subject Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
dc.subject Inter-American Development Bank
dc.subject Infrastructure Investment
dc.subject 2017 GI Forum
dc.subject 2017 Global Infrastructure Forum
dc.subject European Investment Bank
dc.subject Telecommunications
dc.subject African Development Bank
dc.subject Asian Development Bank
dc.subject Islamic Development Bank
dc.subject New Development Bank
dc.subject European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
dc.subject Sustainable infrastructure
dc.subject Transportation Services and Management
dc.subject Water and Sanitation
dc.subject Public-Private Partnerships
dc.type Catalogs & Brochures
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dc.relation.externalresource https://pppknowledgelab.org/2017giforum
dc.identifier.doi 10.18235/0000682

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