Knowledge Spillovers of Innovation Policy through Labor Mobility: An Impact Evaluation of the FONTAR Program in Argentina

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dc.contributor.author Stucchi, Rodolfo en
dc.contributor.author Rojo, Sofía en
dc.contributor.author Maffioli, Alessandro en
dc.contributor.author Castillo, Victoria en
dc.description.abstract Although knowledge spillovers are at the core of the innovation policy's justification, they have never been properly measured by any impact evaluation. This paper fills this gap by estimating the spillover effects of the FONTAR program in Argentina. We use an employer-employee matched panel dataset with the entire population of firms and workers in Argentina for the period 2002-2010. This dataset allows us to track the mobility of qualified workers from FONTAR beneficiary firms to other firms and, therefore, to identify firms that indirectly benefit from the program through knowledge diffusion. We use a combination of fixed effect and matching to estimate the causal effect-direct and indirect-of the program on various measures of performance. Our findings are robust to a placebo test based on anticipatory effects and show that the program increased employment, wages, and the exporting probability of both direct and indirect beneficiaries. The analysis of the dynamic of these effects confirms that performance does not improve immediately after the treatment for neither direct nor indirect beneficiaries. en
dc.format.extent 30 en
dc.subject Workforce & Employment en
dc.subject Impact evaluation en
dc.subject Innovation en
dc.subject Labor mobility en
dc.title Knowledge Spillovers of Innovation Policy through Labor Mobility: An Impact Evaluation of the FONTAR Program in Argentina en
dc.identifier.jel O33 - Technological Change: Choices and Consequences ¿ Diffusion Processes en
dc.identifier.jel O31 - Innovation and Invention: Processes and Incentives en
dc.identifier.jel L - Industrial Organization en
dc.identifier.jel J23 - Labor Demand en
dc.identifier.jel D20 - Production and Organizations: General en
dc.coverage.placename Argentina en
dc.date.accessioned 2014-02-07T16:56:49Z
dc.date.available 2014-02-07T16:56:49Z
dc.date.issued 2014-02
dc.identifier.uri http://www.iadb.org/en/publications/publication-detail,7101.html?id=72715
dc.format.medium ACROBAT
dc.language.iso en
dc.relation.ispartof http://thesaurus.iadb.org/publicthesauri/98636190445125255177936
dc.type Working Papers
lacea.language.supported en
dc.date.modified 2015-06-25T10:30:39Z
dc.keywords Spillovers
dc.keywords Innovation
dc.keywords Labor Mobility
dc.keywords Knowledge Difussion
dc.keywords Policy Evaluation

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