MERCOSUR Report No. 4 (1998)

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dc.contributor.author Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) en
dc.description.abstract In the first half of 1998, the impact of the Asian crisis on the level of economic activity in the four MERCOSUR countries was, in addition to being reasonably differentiated, much less severe than had been forecast at the end of 1997. However, the sub-regional gross domestic product (GDP), after registering 3.2% growth in 1996 and 4.7% growth in 1997, is expected to register much more modest growth this year, probably less than 3%. en
dc.subject Integration & Trade en
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dc.title MERCOSUR Report No. 4 (1998) en
dc.contributor.other IVANAB
dc.coverage.spatial MERCOSUR
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dc.date.available 2011-02-11T17:59:02Z
dc.date.issued 1998-07-01
dc.identifier.isbn 950-738-073-6
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dc.subject MERCOSUR Report N° 4
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dc.subject MERCOSUR
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dc.description.abstract2 The MERCOSUR Report series represents a new effort of INTAL aimed at promoting understanding and dissemination of information about the current dynamic process of integration in Latin America and the Caribbean. As part of this integrationist trend, the Southern Common Market has become, since the signing of the Asunción Treaty in 1991, a leading case for the evaluation of the achievements and challenges encompassed by this ambitious initiative. The purpose of INTAL, through the publication of this semiannual series, is to facilitate access of information to a wide number of readers interested in MERCOSUR, which comprises the public and private sectors and the community of the subregion as a whole. Likewise, in order to promote MERCOSUR within and beyond the subregion, information dissemination oriented towards the international community is fostered through the publication of this report in English, as well as in Portuguese and Spanish, the two official languages of the process. Report N° 4 covers the first half of 1998 and includes the month of July with relevant information from the XIV Meeting of the Common Market Council, the Presidential Summit and the XXX Meeting of the Common Market Group. This Report has been prepared by Dr. João Bosco M. Machado, UFRJ Professor and FUNCEX researcher in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the collaboration of Mr Ricardo A. Markwald, FUNCEX researcher. The main text of the report is complemented by an Appendix on Paraguay and MERCOSUR; an academic article prepared by Mr. Fernando Masi, senior researcher from CADEP in Asunción, Paraguay. Mr. Juan José Taccone and Mr. Uziel Nogueira, INTAL¿s Director and Integration Economist respectively, were responsible for the coordination and general and technical editing of the Report. Following upon the goal and expectations raised in previous issues, readers are encouraged to keep on sending their comments and/or suggestions in order to improve the scope and content of these publications in the future.

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