From Growth to Prosperity: Policy Perspectives for Trinidad and Tobago

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dc.contributor.author Artana, Daniel en
dc.contributor.author Thomas, Wendell en
dc.contributor.author Rojas-Suárez, Liliana en
dc.contributor.author Navajas, Fernando en
dc.contributor.author Bour, Juan Luis en
dc.contributor.author Vignoles, Christopher en
dc.contributor.author Brown, Dennis en
dc.contributor.author Jaramillo, Fidel en
dc.contributor.author Omar, Deryck en
dc.contributor.author Balgobin, Rolph en
dc.contributor.author Jessen, Anneke en
dc.contributor.author Elías, Carlos en
dc.contributor.author St. Catherine, Edwin en
dc.contributor.author Rodríguez, Camila en
dc.contributor.author Henry, Ralph en
dc.contributor.author Rajack-Talley, Ann en
dc.contributor.author Cortázar, René en
dc.contributor.author Rabkin, David en
dc.contributor.author Fairbanks, Michael en
dc.contributor.author Escobari, Marcela en
dc.contributor.editor Elías, Carlos en
dc.contributor.editor Rojas-Suárez, Liliana en
dc.description.abstract The topics covered in the chapters of the report were presented and discussed in a conference organized by the IDB in Port of Spain on July 13th, 2004. After more than a decade of economic growth and despite encouraging prospects for the future, the Trinidad and Tobagp economy remains overly dependent on the oil and gas sector, the public sector lacks capacity, and pockets of poverty persist. How can the country promote sustainable and equitable development, and thus reduce poverty? The Government of Trinidad and Tobago, in consensus with major stakeholders, has confronted this question in its Vision 2020 - an ambitious program that calls for Trinidad and Tobago to achieve developed-country status by the year 2020. As the country sets out to meet this longer term goal, it must begin to tackle some pressing development challenges in the short to medium term, including economic diversifi cation through private sector development, modernization of the public sector and improved social services. In this context, we believe the timing of this report to be most opportune. To achieve sustainable growth and to benefit its citizens more equitably, the country must continue to grapple with major issues. This report sheds light on some of the most pressing ones. en
dc.format.extent 279 en
dc.publisher Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) en
dc.subject Economic Development & Growth en
dc.subject Business Development en
dc.subject Poverty en
dc.subject Integration & Trade en
dc.subject Fiscal Policy en
dc.subject Labor Policy en
dc.title From Growth to Prosperity: Policy Perspectives for Trinidad and Tobago en
dc.coverage.placename Trinidad and Tobago en
dc.contributor.other VIVIANRA
dc.date.accessioned 2011-08-12T16:51:40Z
dc.date.available 2011-08-12T16:51:40Z
dc.date.issued 2006-06
dc.identifier.isbn 159782030X
dc.identifier.uri http://www.iadb.org/en/publications/publication-detail,7101.html?id=17351
dc.format.medium ACROBAT
dc.language.iso en
dc.relation.ispartof http://thesaurus.iadb.org/publicthesauri/107514141514856008123071
dc.subject economic cycles; GDP; growth; dual economy; competitiveness; oil boom; public debt; energy wealth; resources; fiscal policy; poverty; antipoverty programs; labor market; institutions; labor legislation; international trade; exports; services; CARICOM
dc.type Books
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