Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Development: Operational Policy and Sector Strategy

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dc.contributor.author Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) en
dc.description.abstract This paper includes both a Policy (OP-765) and a Strategy (GN-2387-5). The objective of the Policy is to enhance the Bank's contribution to the development of indigenous peoples by two sets of directives. The first requires the Bank to use its best efforts to promote the development with identity of indigenous peoples. The second creates safeguards designed to prevent or minimize exclusion and adverse impacts that Bank operations might generate with respect to indigenous peoples and their rights. The Bank will support the region's national governments and indigenous peoples, as well as relevant private sector and civil society actors, in mainstreaming indigenous issues in local and national development agendas and in the Bank's project pipeline. It will pursue this through specific initiatives and, where technically feasible and appropriate, the integration of complementary activities, operations, and general initiatives. The objective of the Strategy is to guide the programming and execution of Bank activities and operations by developing lines of action and specific modalities in order to: (i) support national governments and indigenous peoples in promoting development with identity and the capacity for governance and institutional articulation of indigenous peoples; and (ii) avoid or mitigate the adverse impacts that Bank operations might have on indigenous peoples and their rights. In order to support development with identity, as defined earlier, the Bank plans to take action in three areas: (a) Strengthening the lands, territory and governance of traditional indigenous societies and economies (b) Reducing marginalization and exclusion in national society and (c) Enabling the comparative advantages of indigenous peoples based on their natural, cultural, and social capital to capitalize on an intercultural space to improve their quality of life. en
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dc.relation.ispartof Serie de estrategias y políticas sectoriales del Departamento de Desarrollo Sostenible en
dc.relation.ispartof Série de estratégias e políticas setoriais (Departamento de Desenvolvimento Sustentável) en
dc.relation.ispartof Sustainable Development Department Sector Strategy and Policy Papers Series en
dc.subject Afro Descendents & Indigenous Peoples en
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dc.title Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Development: Operational Policy and Sector Strategy en
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dc.date.issued 2006-07
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dc.subject povos indígenas, esratégia para o desenvolvimento indígena
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dc.description.abstract2 El 22 de febrero 2006, el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo aprobó su Política operativa sobre pueblos indígenas (OP-765) y su Estrategia para el desarrollo indígena, culminándose un proceso de dos años de consultas con entidades gubernamentales y con representantes de las organizaciones indígenas, así como los procesos de preparación y aprobación en el propio Banco.

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