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  • Fernández-Armesto, Felipe (2007-04-18)
    Felipe Fernández-Armesto (1950-), distinguished British scholar of global environmental history, comparative colonial history, topics in Spanish and maritime history and the history of cartography; Principe de Asturias ...
  • Menchú, Rigoberta (1993-10-14)
    Rigoberta Menchú (1959-), Guatemalan indigenous leader, Nobel Peace Prize (1992), Prince of Asturias Award (1998), and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.
  • Pratt, Mary Louise (1996-03-29)
    Mary Louise Pratt (1948-), Canadian linguist from Stanford University, leading scholar in feminism, post-colonial theory and culture in Latin America.
  • Cardinal, Douglas J. (1997-07-24)
    Douglas Cardinal (1934-), Canadian architect, projects include Canadian Museum of Civilizations, and original proposal for U.S. National Museum of the American Indian.
  • Grazia Mattei, María (2003-02-13)
    Maria Grazia Mattei (1950-), Italian expert in new communications technology, founder of MGM Digital Communication, with remarks by artist Fabrizio Plessi.
  • Glinton-Meicholas, Patricia (2000-07-20)
    Patricia Glinton Meicholas, Bahamian writer, founding president of the Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies, Silver Jubilee of Independence Medal for Literature.
  • Yonemura, Ann (1995-03-23)
    Ann Yonemura (1947-), North American Senior Associate Curator of Japanese Art at the Freer and Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
  • Guardia, Gloria (1998-09-17)
    Gloria Guardia (1940-), Panamanian writer, journalist and essayist, member of the Panamanian Academy of Language, National Short Story Prize (Bogotá, 1996).
  • Edgell, Zee (1994-09-30)
    Zee Edgell (1940-), Belizean journalist, activist and author of four novels including Beka Lamb, Associate Professor of English at Kent State University in Ohio.
  • Pérez Torres, Raúl (1997-03-25)
    Raúl Pérez Torres (1941-), Ecuadorian poet, Director of Abrapalabra Editors, National Short Story Award (1976), Casa de las Americas Award (1980), Juan Rulfo Award (1990).
  • Carrier, Roch (2001-02-02)
    Roch Carrier (1937-), decorated Canadian novelist and playwright, Director of the Canada Council for the Arts (1994-97), and National Librarian of Canada (1999-2004).
  • Donoso, José (1993-03-19)
    José Donoso (1924-1996), Chilean author of remarkable stories and novels including Coronation, contributor to the Latin American literary boom, and Magic Realism.
  • Muñoz Molina, Antonio (2005-05-12)
    Antonio Muñoz Molina (1956-), Spanish journalist, essayist and novelist, National Prize for Criticism (1988), National Award for Literature (1988, 1991), Planeta Award (1991).
  • Strachan, Ian Gregory (2000-06-30)
    Ian Gregory Strachan (1969-), Bahamian writer, Chair of English Studies at College of the Bahamas, author of God's Angry Babies (1997) and Paradise and Plantation (2002).
  • Arciniegas, Germán (1993-04-29)
    Germán Arciniegas (1900-1999), distinguished Colombian essayist and historian, author of over fifty books, and many columns in the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.
  • Berrian, Brenda F. (2001-07-18)
    Brenda F. Berrian, North American Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, author of Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music and Culture (2000).
  • Suro, Roberto (1998-05-28)
    Roberto Suro (1951-), North American reporter for The Washington Post, former Bureau Chief of The New York Times in Houston, Texas, and Director of Pew Hispanic Center.
  • Catán, Daniel (1997-08-14)
    Daniel Catán (1949-), neo-impressionist Mexican opera composer, works include Rappaccini's Daughter (1991), Florence in the Amazon (1996), Salsipuedes (2004).
  • Ferrer de Arréllaga, Renée (1994-03-17)
    Renée Ferrer de Arréllaga (1944-), Paraguayan poet and novelist, Spain's Pola de Lena Prize (1986), included in anthologies of Paraguayan poetry and narrative.
  • Chibnik, Michael (2003-05-29)
    Michael Chibnik (1946-), Professor of Anthropology at the University of Iowa, based on his 2003 book Crafting Tradition: The Making and Marketing of Oaxacan Wood Carvings.



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